Like most of my generation, I grew up with Disney.  The first film I saw in the cinema was Snow White.  I loved the specials at Christmas, but never had a chance to go to Walt Disney World.

When we were looking for something different for our 40ths, we somehow came up with the idea of Florida.  Like New York, it was meant to be a one off.  Second trip happened 3 years later!  Due to the amount of work currently going on to create Star Wars Land, I think it’ll be another 3 years before we go back.  Though that seems like a good balance!

2013 trip is here.

2016 trip is on the blog, starting here.  

2018 trip is on the blog, starting here.

2020 was cancelled, as was the rescheduled 2021 trip.  We’re trying for 2022, so watch this space.