I’ve always been a music lover, and  although my taste may have varied over the years, I still tend to favour bands that write their own stuff and play their own instruments.  Mind you, if done right, you can’t beat a good cover version, either.  Oh, and musical theatre!  The West End and Broadway are a must!

One thing that’s never changed, is my love of live music – the first gig I saw was Wet Wet Wet at the SECC in December 1987, more recently, Slipknot and Steel Panther.

When Chris’s leg was bad, we promised ourselves we’d start going to more concerts again once he was up to it, which we have did in style!  Being based in West Yorkshire, we’re lucky that most venues are within a couple of hours or so.  One of the biggest concerns we have is with accessibility, so sometimes it’s easier to go to a venue that’s a little bit further away but better once we get there.  The O2 venues are a good example there, as the best we’ve found so far has been Birmingham

Most of what I plan to put here is pics and review of gigs, definitely for those coming up, and hopefully digging into my memory, with some help from Setlist FM, for previous ones!