You know, I think we might make it this time!

After the last 18 months, I don’t think I’ll actually believe we’re on holiday until we leave Orlando airport and head for Windsor Hills, but I’m more hopeful than I have been in a while!

The borders officially open up again on 8th November, and we are due to fly on 1st January. We’re both fully vaccinated, we have pre-flight tests booked – although it looks like we can change them from PCR tests to LFT shortly – and we have post flight tests booked as we leave the airport.

We were also lucky enough to score a bargain upgrade to business class for the flight home – lie flat beds means I might just have a chance of getting some sleep on the flight! I know some people might argue that if you can only upgrade one way, then upgrade for the day flight when you can take advantage of the offerings, and we did have that discussion, but I don’t sleep well on planes, so any advantage I can give myself is worth it!

Things at Disney have changed massively since we were last there.

Firstly, you now need park reservations alongside your ticket. We’ve got those booked, no problems. We have 2 week tickets, and have just alternated each day, with the 2 extra days in Hollywood Studios – in case we still haven’t got on Rise of the Resistance by then – and EPCOT – hands down, our favourite park, and the Festival of the Arts will be on.

Secondly, Disney Genie launched last week. It’s billed as a personalised planning app but is causing some controversy as the premium section of it, Genie Plus, is replacing the previously free Fast Passes. I’m glad it’s launched a couple of months ahead of our trip as it means we have time to get our heads round it and for any glitches to get ironed out.

Outside the parks, we’re planning a trip back to Lake Apopka and another visit to Kennedy Space Center. We’ve got tickets for a smaller comicon, and will finally get to see Puddles Pity Party live as well. With meet and greet of course, since the idea of me standing next to a near 7 foot tall melancholic clown amuses Chris!

Been a long wait, but will be worth it!

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