Well, there’s a shock!

What a surprise, we’re going back to Florida next year!

For those of you who don’t know, Chris had his leg amputated last year.  Long story short, it was the best thing they could have done, and he is doing much, much better, getting about on a prosthetic and sticks, with a wheelchair for long distances.  Until we know what his long term mobility is going to be, however, Florida is an easy trip – it’s all open, flat and very accessibility friendly for getting about.  Plus, he admits himself that he can’t remember chunks of previous trips due to the tablets he was on, so it’s almost like planning a first trip!

Plans so far – flights are booked on Virgin, flying out Premium Economy, flying home Upper Class – what can I say, the price worked for us, and hopefully the lie flat beds will allow us to get some sleep on the way home.

We’re staying back at the same condo in Windsor Hills – we lucked out when we found that first time we went, and we’ve been back every time since.  The resort is quiet, it’s close to Disney, and it’s a ground floor apartment with a disabled bay right outside.  What’s not to love!

Disney, of course, is a must.  We want to go back to Kennedy as well, and Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive.  We’ve also started watching some vlogs on youTube, and are taking notes on ideas! 

Normally, we’d take the time between the 2 May bank holidays, flying out on the Monday, but, when we realised the dates, we decided to fly out on the Sunday, instead – with very good reason.

We’ll fly out on Sunday 3rd May, which means our first park day is May 4th – also known known as International Star Wars Day.  Making it the perfect day to try and get into Galaxy’s Edge, which opens 29th August.  

So, let the planning begin! 

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