Well, that was unexpected!

We had EPCOT booked today, but the weather forecast from yesterday about heavy rain seemed to be proving right when we got up. So, we left it a bit, had a lazy morning, then went for a random drive, with the intention of deciding once we saw what the weather had planned.

Which is how, about 1pm, we found ourselves at EPCOT. The skies were still grey, although that cleared over the rest of the afternoon, and the chance of rain was now down under 15%!

First off, we decided to bite the bullet and join the queue for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. This was the last of the new rides we needed to go on, and has recently swapped to a traditional standby line from the virtual queue it had when it opened – basically, trying to book a time in the queue at park open. Ninety minutes was about top end of what we’ll wait, but it’s about as low as it gets.

That’s 3 of the new trackless rides we’ve been on now – Remy’s Rise of the Resistance, and Mickey and Minnie’s. I must saw, I’m impressed. The way they combine them with the props and projections makes you think you’re moving in ways that shouldn’t be possible!

Next was a late lunch at the Regal Eagle Smokehouse, which we’ve both been looking forward to trying. It wasn’t as good as we’d hoped – but I think I might have been spoiled by the ribs at Cheddars the other day!

Then we decided to try 2 classic rides we haven’t done before – Journey Into Imagination with Figment – I hoped it might give me some insight as to why Figment the dragon is so special that people were queuing SEVEN HOURS just to buy a popcorn bucket based on him, but I’m still at a loss! Then, Soarin’ Over the World. We skipped that on previous trips as we weren’t sure how Chris’s leg would handle dangling into the nothingness – and made sure he had no prosthetic today! Well done, but I think it might be one and done for us, unless they update it massively in the future.

On the way out, we caught a quick journey on Spaceship Earth. Unfortunately, they’re not offering the same videos we got on previous trips at the moment, due to masks. Shame.

So, not a bad day at all for one we didn’t think would happen! The park was crowded, mostly thanks to it being the opening weekend of the Festival of the Arts. Hopefully it’ll be a bit quieter if we park hop during the week, so we can get a chance to look at the stalls.

I can’t believe we’re coming up to our last few days, now – less than a week to go!

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