Travelog – Las Vegas

What happens when two Supernatural fans start discussing conventions on a dreary winter’s night?

“Wouldn’t it be nice if…” turns into, “You know, we might be able to do this..” and what do you know, a year later, we’re standing in the Rio ballroom, with several hundred other fans, singing “Carry on my wayward son!” at the top of our voices!

It was a girls’ trip – the fellas were invited, but funnily enough, the idea of spending a week watching Laura and I in full fangirl mode didn’t seem to appeal!  Chris just wanted the humour value of seeing me standing next to Jared Padalecki – with a height difference of well over a foot!

I would be lying if I said I saw a lot of Las Vegas.  We had two “touristy” days – the other four, we were so busy rushing around to panels, autographs and photo ops we barely saw the outside of the hotel, never mind anywhere else!

Our first day, we hired a car, and headed out to the Hoover Dam.  In a convertible Mustang, with roof down!  hooverdam

The next four days were convention days – you basically eat, sleep, breathe the show for the time you’re there.  And, since it’s probably the only time we’ll ever do it, we did it in style!

The convention needs at least a post to itself, if not more, but we had a ball!

The last day before we came home, we took the opportunity to get out and see the Las Vegas Strip.  Despite the fact the Rio seems huge when you’re walking round it, it’s actually one of the smaller hotels.  They’re all like mini cities, and you could seriously spend your entire visit without leaving your hotel once, if you so wished.

We walked from Bally’s and the Paris hotel down to Excalibur, via New York, New York, then across to the MGM Grand – that place is massive, you could so easily get lost in it! –  and took the monorail back up to the Linq and the High Roller.  Where we hit the top, just in time to see the fountains at the Bellagio across the road!

Paris in Vegas High Roller











Would I go back?  For another convention?  In a heartbeat!  For a regular holiday?  Probably for a few days, but as part of a longer trip, maybe heading to LA as well.

Convention gossip and pics to follow!

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