Third in a row

Well, the weather definitely seems to have picked up – just in time for heading home at the weekend!

Daytime today was spent at the I 360 – or Icon Orlando 360, as it’s now been renamed.  Either way, it’s the Orlando Eye, with a fantastic view across one of the flattest states in the US!  From the top we could see as far as Cape Canaveral!  The center also contains the Sealife Centre and Madame Tussauds, both of which we then worked our way round!  Next time we come, it might be nice to time the trip on the Eye for nighttime and catch the Disney Fireworks from the air!

Speaking of, the evening was spent at the Animal Kingdom.  Last time we were here, this was very much a day time park – we missed the launch of the evening entertainment by a couple of months.  Now, thanks to Rivers of Light, the park is open until late evening.

First stop was back to the Kilimanjaro Safari – this is a very different experience at dusk, when animals like the lions and rhinos are more active – although it’s nigh on impossible to get decent photos!  But it was worth it just for the white rhino that passed within feet of the truck!

There isn’t a single projection show at AK, but they have Tree of Life Awakenings that runs from sundown to park close – every 15, 20 minutes or so projections run on the tree in the middle of the park.

The park itself at night is beautiful and a little eerie, as Africa where the safari is gets really quiet as everyone heads towards Asia for Rivers of Light, so you’re walking through a darkened, almost empty park, with lights flickering on the trees like lightening bugs.

We saw the second showing of Rivers of Light, which was a lot quieter!  Of course, with so many animals living in the park, they can’t use fireworks, but they did with lights and fountains what they do with fireworks in the other parks.  There was also a lot of the water projections that they use during Fantasmic, which I always love.  Overall, good show, but Fantasmic is still my favourite!

Tomorrow, we’re thinking of Kennedy Space Centre.  Weather permitting!

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