Once Upon a Time

Another day with improved weather, so another double park day.  Animal Kingdom during the day, including a trip on the Kilimanjaro Safari and a wander round Pandora.  It was alright, but I’ve never watched Avatar, nor do I have any intentions of, so yeah, looks pretty, but not my thing.

We headed out the park as the clouds came over, missing a heavy shower – but this was more what we are used to in Florida, as it was a short sharp shower that cleared the air when it was over.

Evening Park was Magic Kingdom, mostly to see the 2 new night time shows, although we did sneak in a trip on the People Mover and onto the Carousel of Progress first!

Happy Ever After is the replacement for Wishes, and while I will agree that as a spectacle, it is far bigger and better, for me it lacks the charm of Wishes.  But it’s still a fab show!  The second show of the evening is Once Upon a Time and focuses more on the projections on the castle, rather than the fireworks.  Of the two, I preferred OUAT.

As always, getting back to the car park through that level of crowds is fun, but waiting for the second show helps.

Last night show we need to do is Rivers of Light at Animal Kingdom.

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