Long one, but a good one

We were in two minds about going to a park today – it’s Martin Luther King Day, which is a federal holiday – can you imagine going to Blackpool or Alton Towers on a bank holiday?

But, once we reviewed the expected wait times, we headed for Animal Kingdom about lunchtime. Park hopping is only available after 2pm at the moment, so we knew tat if it was too busy after we arrived, we could head elsewhere fairly sharpish.

Started with lunch – I love the mobile order system. Book a slot, decided what you want, then turn up and collect it. Saves waiting in queues!

We then headed over to the Harambe theatre for A Celebration of Festival of the Lion King. It’s still a slightly cut down version, as they have the performers socially distanced, and they’re skipping things like the tumble monkeys, but it’s still a stunning show, and that music always gets me!

We wandered round the Maharaja Jungle Trek, then we went to find the Animal Kingdon Zoom shot, and en route happened across the Flights of Fantasy bird show. Totally amazing show, with trained birds flying up close and personal.

Next stop was Dinosaur the ride, where you go back in time to rescue an iguanodon. Like a lot of things, we hadn’t done it on previous trips as we didn’t know how Chris’s leg would cope with the jolting about. Having been on it, it was probably a good call, but it was so much fun!

We then decided to park hop to EPCOT, mostly because we wanted to see Spaceship Earth lit up at night, we just missed it as we left the night before.

No ride here, just a wander round the park – one of the few times I’ve walked the whole world showcase in one go! Stopped at Karamel Kuche in the Germany pavilion for a snack, and I got a signed print at one of the festival booths.

Long day, but so worth it! I think tomorrow will be a lazy one!

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