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So, today we headed back to the Space Coast, this time with much better weather!

Main goal was to visit Kennedy Space Centre and geek out for a couple of hours.  The place is fantastic, and we’ll probably plan to go back on future trips, as we didn’t get a chance to take the bus tour to see the Appollo exhibits.

What we did see focused on three areas.  The Heroes and Legends exhibit – just who were the people who took the risk of travelling into space on what may have been – and occasionally was – a one way journey?   The rocket garden – showing some of the many rockets that have flown over the years.  The Atlantic shuttle exhibit – talking about how the shuttle was created – a reusable spacecraft that landed like a plane – and how it worked.  We saw the Enterprise in NYC last year, which never did a full space flight, but was more of a proof of concept.  The Atlantis has clocked up more than a few space miles though!  The whole thing is awe inspiring and emotional, especially when you get to the “Forever Remembered” gallery, honouring those lost in the Challenger and Columbia disasters.  Two memories I have of space exploration are watching Bruce McAndless doing the first untethered space walk, and then watching the Challenger disaster on live TV.

All in all, it was a great afternoon, and we *will* be back at some point!

Since the weather was much improved from the last trip, we drove back down the coast and headed to the beach.  Well, I did.  Chris stood and watched, as sand plus crutches isn’t a good idea!  It’s the first time in years I’ve gone paddling at the shoreline!  Soft sand, clear blue water and gentle waves!

By the time we got back, we decided to call it a night.  Tomorrow is packing and organising.  Where have the last 3 weeks gone?!

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