Hey, Lonely Guy…

After a couple of fairly full on park days, we decided to take it easy today. Lazy morning, followed by lunch at Cheddars Scratch Kitchen. This is a new place that’s opened up since our last visit, and boy was it worth it! Good food, and plenty of it, great service and not too expensive.

The afternoon was spent with a little domestic catch up, shopping and laundry – honestly, I’d far rather do it here and pack mostly clean clothes home than be faced with ALL the laundry while jet lagged!

This evening was a trip to Orlando and a venue called the Plaza Live. When we originally booked this trip for May 2020, we had planned a road trip to Georgia to see a singer called Puddles Pity Party. If you haven’t seen or heard me raving about him before, he’s an almost 7 foot tall melancholy clown with an amazing voice. This time round we had a much shorter drive!

The meet and greet session started with an acoustic set, just him and his guitar, and proved just how good a voice he has. Socially distanced photos followed. Normally he does “Puddles Cuddles” and Chris really wanted pics of me stood next to him – next time, maybe?

Support came from Dave Hill – no, not the Slade guitarist, this is an American comedian and musician. Just hit the right spot to get the crowd warmed up.

Then Puddles was back, in full performance mode. While he sings, he doesn’t talk, so it’s part musical performance, part mime, aided with background films on the screen. And a few “adverts” as well to break it up! And Dave rejoined him on stage with his guitar for the last couple of numbers. All in all it was a fantastic show, and well worth the wait!

Tomorrow, we’re planning of getting up early and heading for Animal Kingdom to hit the safari. Whether that happens or not, remains to be seen, we may end up there later in the day instead!

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