My name is Maureen, and I am a craftaholic!

Any paper crafter will tell you how easy it is for your stash to get out of control, and I’m fighting a constant battle to keep it under control.

Mostly I make cards, although this year I’m looking at junk journalling and mixed media more, partly as a way to try to use up a lot of odds and ends.

Scrapbooking I do is digital now, via either via PC software, or more often the Project Life app on my phone.  I love with Project Life that I can be standing in a queue at Disney and have the morning documented within minutes!

Occasionally, I try my hand at miscellaneous other things – John Winchester’s journal that I created for Vegas being an example. I’ve also started picking up sewing again. Mostly masks at the moment, but I’ve made a few storage boxes and totes, and I’m starting to think about dressmaking again. I did a lot in my teens, and being short and round, it might be easier to get stuff to fit well!