Comicon time

Today, we headed to Lakeland for the Florida Comicon. Mostly what we were interested in was the merchandise stands, as the guests all seemed to be various voice artists from anime shows that we don’t watch, with a couple of Power Rangers thrown in. It was fun seeing all the cosplays and was something different. We picked up a few badges and prints for the walls.

We had a drive round Lakeland itself, it’s very typical Americana and has a love of swans. The original ones were donated by the Queen in 1957, and they now have an annual round up in October to count them and give them their annual health check!

Home via the shops, where we found the mall – reminded us of The Ridings, in that it probably used to be great, but now is a bit rundown. Did find a great grilled cheese place, though!

The satnav decided to take us via some of the quieter backroads, due to heavy traffic on the I4, which made for a very pleasant drive.

Decided tonight to have a quiet time of it and caught up on the Eternals movie. I’m glad we didn’t pay to see it in the cinema, put it that way!

Not sure what tomorrow’s plans are. Maybe EPCOT, but it’s very much weather dependant. We’ll see!

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