And the countdown begins

New web address, new site host (thank you, Heather!) and a new holiday on the horizon.

10 weeks from now, we’ll be back in New York for the first time since 2011.  I can’t believe it’s been that long!  In the meantime, we’ve had two trips to Florida, and I went to Vegas.  Well, I mostly saw the inside of the Rio hotel and a lot of actors from Supernatural, but I was IN Vegas when I did it!

Planning started off on a bit of a downer – we originally booked flights on a “boutique” airline, who were offering business class for pretty much what we’d normally pay in premium economy.  They then decided they were no longer flying out the UK!  But, we were lucky enough to get business class on United for just a touch more.  OK, so we’re flying into Newark, rather than JFK, but it’s a small price to pay!

We’re staying back at Radio City Apartments – like the condo in Florida, I think that’s now our base in NYC unless something drastic happens!

We have so much booked and planned already.  I’m counting the holiday as starting on the Friday when I finish work – and we head off to Holmfirth to see Hayseed Dixie!  Saturday, we go to the airport, and Sunday we fly – a day earlier than normal, but the original flights weren’t due to land until late evening – as it is, we get in lunchtime, now!  Baseball is booked, as always, we’re off to see the Mets v the LA Angels at Citi Field.  Broadway, of course, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which opens a couple of weeks before we go.

And concerts.  Not one, but two, and they’re biggies!  First week, we go to see Metallica, supported by Volbeat.  Both bands we love and wanted to see again.  Then, the night before we go home, we go to Madison Square Gardens to see Billy Joel!  He has been on my bucket list for about 30 years, and we get to see him on his home territory, to boot!  Don’t worry, Chris gets his turn a few weeks after we get home and we go to see Tom Jones!

Other than that, we’ve got Top of the Rock, bus tours, boat tours, shopping and all the usual planned.  I also want to go tot he top of the new One World Observatory.  That one’s still up for discussion!

All in all, busy trip, but so much fun!  And the scary thing is?  We’re already starting to think of 2018!

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