All packed up and ready to go

Last full day today, so we completed all the paperwork to get back into the country, we headed to EPCOT for two thing that were still outstanding on the bucket-list. Riding Test Track and lunch at Les Halles in the France Pavillion. And we got both checked off, along with the Beauty and the Beast singalong (well, one of us sang, the other snoozed. Take a wild guess!) and a look round The EPCOT Experience showing what’s planned over the next few years.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, the former Future World in EPCOT is mostly hidden by hoardings as they work on it, with plans including a new Guardians of The Galaxy ride, a new quick service eatery, a Moana water attraction, and something to replace the Fountain of Nations. But, both sides of the area are still available – go right when you enter for the Land and Seas Pavilions, go left for Test Track, Mission Space and the new Space 220 restaurant. I’m looking forward to coming back in a few years once it’s all done!

After that, finished packing, then a last dinner at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen again.

Tomorrow, check out for 10am, then probably mooch round Disney Springs until it’s time to head to the airport. Sadly, Disney Springs check in, where we can leave the cases early, isn’t currently running, so checking in at Orlando Airport will be a new experience!

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